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  • All About Smart Cities
    Reimagining the role of technology and connectivity in today’s cities,
    we need to address current and future challenges.
  • Welcome to the Future
    What a smart city is for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and what a city can do to become one
  • Turning Smart into Intelligent
    To create best-of-class liveable and productive environments for its citizens and visitors, a smart city will have to evolve into an ‘intelligent city’
  • Intelligent Buildings: A Tale of Two Scales
    The long-term relationship between the building and the evolving city must be the goal
  • Leveraging Land Information System to Fund Smart Cities
    An integrated, publicly accessible Land Information System will convert dead capital into fungible assets
  • ViewPoint :

  • Smart Cities Depend on Smart Locations
    Discussing the role of GIS in smart cities with Mladen Stojic, President,
    Hexagon Geospatial, & Chris Gibson, Vice President, Trimble
  • Land & Sustainability :

  • The Story of Greening the Greyfields
    Australia and New Zealand’s middle suburbs are planning a different future,
    rich in growth and regeneration in a sustainable manner
  • Grounded in Land
    An integral part of modern SDI is a strong geodetic infrastructure that serves as the backbone of the entire system
  • Case Study: Fisheries Manage Infrastructure and Increase Production
    The central GIS database used at West Bengal’s Department of Fisheries is the first of its kind in India
  • Confrence Report :

  • Business Leaders Discuss Where’s the Money
    The Geospatial World Leadership Awards 2015 were presented during Geospatial World Forum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands